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Indian casino on the plan


A planned development of the Blue Water Bridge Plaza that is likely to cost Port Huron millions in lost taxes has revitalized a five-year-old proposal to open an Indian casino in the city.

Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow and GOP Rep. Candice Miller assure they will renovate efforts to secure congressional agreement for the deal.

Atronic and its latest game collection


The stand of Atronic and Atronic Systems in ICE 2007 presented its latest collection of game concepts connected for the casino industry, including King Kong Cash, The Game of Life, Tournamania, Chain Reaction and many more.

The progressive of four levels King Kong Cash from Atronic had the central and frontal position with the King Kong screen. The clients had the opportunity of participating in the King Kong Cash lottery to win a copy of the epic movie King Kong, of Universal Studios on DVD, and then winning attractive prizes from the drawing made in the Happy Hour lottery of Atronic.

A new proposal to punish online gambling


The organism in charge of the application of the Islamic law in the north of Indonesia, has proposed a law that punishes the theft with a hand amputation. Besides, it plans to punish with punches those who practice gambling games.

The theft article establishes that those who are found guilty of stealing anything valued in the market in 94 grams of gold, will be punished with the amputation of one hand.

The objective prize of Televisa increased a 33%


Morgan Stanley said last Tuesday that the objective prize at the closure of 2007 for the stacks of the Mexican media gigantic Group Televisa, raised from 21 dollars to 31 dollars.

Some sources have explained that, the Mexican company had decided to incorporate the business of the lottery to their group of activities. The estimations on the lottery were also added to the projection assuring its projections of the other business segments.

Five go to jail for casino fraud


Five people, four of them Chinese and one of them Australian, were accused and found guilty of committing fraud.

The group performed the scam at Jupiter’s Casino located on the Gold Cost.

They played at the mini baccarat table in the members-only Club Conrad.

Chance and random activity grew a 303% in October 2006


The passion of the Panamanian for chance games goes much further than the doors of the casinos, bingos, slot machine rooms and even the racetracks.

The so called “telematic” games, those that generate telephonic paid calls or text messages by TV viewers from a sports program, beauty show or any other kind, have tripled this year compared to year 2005.

Fountainbridge casino bid rejected again


For the third time, a proposal to open a casino in Fountainbridge, on the site of a former bingo and dance hall, has been rejected by city officials.

Grosvenor Casinos claimed that Edinburgh has fewer gambling locations than any other city in Scotland, in an attempt to obtain a license for a casino.

However, residents believe that a gambling venue would cause more antisocial behavior in the area.

Singapore to have more than two casinos


According to former Singapore Premier, Lee Kuan Yew, the country is still evaluating the possibility of having more than two casinos in the future. “Let's wait and see,” he told the press during a visit to Las Vegas. “Every move like this is a bet on the future. We decided to make the bet. We didn't expect the operators to make such bets on us.”

Last year, Singapore decided to legalize casinos and grant licenses for the construction of two integrated resorts.

Monte Carlo on the Strip


The European city of Monte Carlo might be for celebrities and high rollers, but you have your opportunity at Las Vegas Strip, where you can find the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino.

Families or colleagues can get a decent deal on a quiet room, some good beverages and a very good time at the casino tables.

The Monte Carlo is not too expensive and not too ostentatious and is located in the middle of the action!

Baccarat player sues dealer


A woman was playing her favorite casino game at her favorite local casino; at least until the table game dealer offended her.

The young woman was sitting playing baccarat among other casino gamblers. The game was going on normally for all of them, but suddenly the woman noticed that every time she won the dealer made a bizarre mouth gesture to her, but always caring that no one else noticed him.

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