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A-level students to study gambling


For the first time, sixth-formers taking psychology A-level in Britain will be able to study gambling addictions and the psychological attractiveness of games such as slot machines, baccarat and other table games. Courses will be offered by the OCR exam board and they will start next September.

Pupils will study the irrational thinking that sometimes lies behind gambling addictions, including such ideas as “the machine likes me.” The new psychology syllabus is expected to be studied by more than 26,000 sixth-formers by 2010.

New version of mobile gambling software to be launched


The developer of the mobile gambling technology Spin3 has launched the new version of the GameWire software, v3.1, which offers much better interface features and enhanced graphics. The Wild Jack Mobile Casino, which is the subsidiary of Jackpot Factory group, is one of the first clients to include this improved technology.

One of the improvements included is that the casino lobby has been eliminated, so that every game can be downloaded separately.

Online casinos spam overloads e-mails


The Internet User’s Association informs that in the last days it has been detected a massive sending of e-mails inviting to a virtual casino, the message says such things as: “I’ve found a web site with the best online casinos” or “I’ve found the most amazing site for casino games”.

It has been reminded that spam puts in risk the safety of computers. In fact, some of these messages might contain spyware, virus, warms, and other malicious codes.

Casinos and slot machines collected over 170 million dollars


In a period of seven years, the net income is a total of 3,400 million with an average of 485 million per year. Compared to Petaquilla Minerals, during the time that their mineral extraction lasts, they plan to export 600 million in dollars, molybdenum and copper. Considering this reference, the gambling industry is an amazing gold mine.

Operators claim that they invest millions and they are compelled to build hotels of at least 300 rooms.

Potawatomi casino now managed by tribe


The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Casino located in Kansas was reopened this week with a big ceremony. The Indian casino opened in 1996 and since 1998 until now it had been under the administration of Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. As of now, the tribe has complete control over the gambling venue and is in charge of its management.

“We have come a long way since opening this casino,” tribal chairwoman Tracy Stanhoff said.

Drug dealers intimidate casinos


In Mexico, there are about 26 casinos located in eleven cities that had to close their doors because of blackmailing and pressures from drug dealing groups which, in some of the cases, demand the payment of rent in order to allow them to operate.

Because of this threatening situation, many gambling rooms that were supposed to open have decided not to while they analyze what to do about this situation, according to some sources that have asked to remain unrevealed because of the fear of retaliations.

Hilton Casino workers say no to union


Dealers at the Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort rejected 316-268 the union proposed by the United Auto Workers Union. Efforts to unionize Atlantic City casino employees have resulted in a controversial battle between several casinos’ management and the UAW authorities.

“The Atlantic City Hilton respects the informed decision made by our dealers and hopes the UAW will do likewise,” Hilton’s president Anthony Rodio explained. “We appreciate the vote of confidence that our dealers have made.”

Nothing new on controversial baccarat scam


After nearly four years of investigation, police concluded the alleged international scam at an Ontario Casino did not include the use of high-tech devices. According to Sgt. Bob Patterson, methods used were relatively rudimentary and worked by defying the usual odds of winning.

“It was sleight-of-hand and shuffling techniques” explained Patterson, “it’s not new but they have taken it to the next level,” he added, mentioning the organization, planning and number of people involved made it more sophisticated.

New casino to open in Argentina


A new Casino is about to open in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. More that 140 people are still working on the project that has about 7,000 square meters and is the result of a 13 million dollar investment. The complex is almost finished by now.

The casino, which is expected to open its doors in July, will be part of a complex that includes a convention center with capacity to accommodate 500 people and a three star hotel with 40 rooms and some suites.

Book delivery to enlarge casino library


The Councilor of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Javier López Marcano, delivered a huge amount of books to the Recreation Center of the city. Most of the mentioned books are about the region’s history, and will enlarge the bibliographic funds of the institution.

Among all the books that made the lot, which had over fifty titles, there was one that stood out and it was the latest work of art by the poet and painter Julio Sanz Saiz, which has actually not seen the light yet.

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