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Norway to end gaming monopoly


The Progressive Party, the second political party in Norway, with 38 seats in Parliament and the most important party concerning popularity, has promised to open the national gaming market to private operators if it wins general elections next year. Party President Siv Jensen said the opening of the gaming market in Norway represents the best way to regulate gambling.

“Our priority is to obtain private gaming operations, which includes the legalization of casinos. This is a policy we have supported for many years,” Vice President of the Progressive Party Per Sandberg added.

New interactive table for casinos


Microsoft Corp. and casino operator Harrah’s Entertainment Inc. presented this week an interactive table that allows clients to create and order drinks, watch YouTube videos, play videogames and even flirt with other customers. The table represents an important tool for Harrah’s to track punters’ habits and conducts.

"This is new in about every definition of new you can think of," Harrah's Chief Innovation Officer Tim Stanley commented about the table. “The range of opportunities is almost unlimited.” A Microsoft spokesperson further explained that the units were sold at a basic price of 10,000 dollars each.

Macau’s Casinos offer magical nights


When the sun sets at the former Portuguese colony of Macao, the Asian Mecca of Gambling explodes with its thousands of lights and opportunities coming from its mega hotels and Casinos, becoming a magical place for the thousands of people who arrive hoping to become millionaires.

This endless list of opportunities acts as a giant magnet for players from all over the world and it was able to attract 27 million visitors in the last year.

Salma Hayek accepts casino invitation


Actress-producer Salma Hayek will take part this week in a poker tournament with charity purposes, which will be held in parallel with the international Festival de Cannes. According to the organizers of the event, Hayek will share the table with his former boyfriend, American actor Edward Norton.

The Palm Beach Casino in Cannes will host the poker game and other stars like Woody Harrelson, Dennis Hopper, Tim Robbins and Goldie Hawn have already confirmed their presence. The group will play for a million dollars, which will be donated to the charity of their choice.

Japanese player wins Tinian Baccarat tournament


An amateur Japanese player took home this weekend the $85,000 jackpot of the Baccarat Challenge hosted by the Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino. The player, who refused to reveal his name, defeated 142 contestants on his way to the maximum trophy.

The tournament was divided in 30 qualifying rounds followed by another 40 rounds that led to the final. The top four players received prizes, which ranged from $6,000 to $30,000 and were presented by Tinian Dynasty Hotel and Casino marketing and promotions coordinator Kiri Jackson and tournament director Tony Jackson.

2008 European Dealer Championship


From 23 April 2008, Venice will host the ECA European Dealer Championship 2008, which will allow dealers from all over Europe to show their skills at Blackjack, Baccarat and American Roulette tables. This will be the second edition of the event but it has already become one of the most important tournaments in the European gaming calendar.

“A good dealer might make it look simple, but dealing a table game is no easy matter. It takes a true professional to deal a busy Baccarat, Blackjack or Roulette table and still entertain guests at the same time,” Ron Goudsmit, ECA Chairman, said. Goudsmit also mentioned hospitality and communication skills as essential characteristics of dealers who focus on serving guests in a professional way.

Live dealers for online Baccarat


Gambling websites in Macau are constantly updating their offer to satisfy players and attract more clients. This time, a change in the way the game develops would be possible thanks to the request made by players who want the gambling experience to be as real as possible.

This is why Macau’s gambling websites are now in negotiations with the Costa Rican company CWC (Chicks With Cards) – one of the biggest providers of croupiers for websites in the world – for the incorporation of real croupiers to their card game sites, specially Baccarat.

Baccarat at the Conrad Poker Tour


Punta del Este, one of the most important tourist destinations in Latin America will be once again the scenery of the prestigious Conrad Poker Tour. The tour starts next March 7th and will have a total of 17 stages that will take place throughout this year and will end with the Big Millionaire Final.

The Poker tournament will be played in two stages between March 7th and 8th. Conrad Casino will contribute with 100,000 dollars to build the start up jackpot and the fee to be part in the tour has been set in 1,500 dollars.

Playing baccarat in the sky


A spokesperson for Airbus, an important European plane producer, confirmed recently that the company intends to convert its most important product, and the world’s largest plane, into a flying casino.

“We had discussions with several customers about it,” marketing director for Airbus David Velupillai explained. “Of course the biggest attraction of the A380 is that it's got 50 percent more floor space than the (Boeing) 747. If you have to do something like that, you have got the floor space that will allow you to do this.”

Baccarat fuels Gambling revenues in Macau


The outstanding popularity of baccarat and VIP baccarat in the southern Chinese territory of Macau is fueling gambling revenues in the island. Based on official figures, the money collected for the concept of Baccarat represents 86% of the total gambling revenues generated in Macau.

These events have not passed unnoticed to the international gambling community, especially after the news that Macau's gambling profits overtook those of the 40 casinos in another important gaming city last year.

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