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Town hedges its bets on new casino

THE possibility of a Las Vegas-style super casino in Croydon emerged this week following the news that a US gaming giant is eyeing the borough. Here reporter Ben Ashford examines the key players to see whether a glitzy gaming venue would be win or bust for the borough

Tribe tests its new casino

ARLINGTON - The funny money was flowing Tuesday at the Stillaguamish Tribe's new Angel of the Winds Casino, and nobody went home a loser.

Tribal members, employees and their families and guests got to try out the new video slot machines, toss the dice, bet on the roulette wheel and call each other's bluff at the card tables as part of a required warm-up period before Thursday's grand opening.

High Roller Loses Millions at Crown Casino

As reported by the Australian: "One of Crown casino's richest high-rollers has blown a staggering $25 million (US$18.15 million) in a two-year losing streak in Melbourne.

Baccarat Quick Guide!

The game of Baccarat is often regarded as glamorous as it is frequently played by the rich elite in a fancy roped-off Baccarat pit. However, don't be intimidated because once you know the rules you'll realize that Baccarat is one of the easiest casino games there is. You don't even need to know the rules in order to play as the game is entirely based on chance, but knowing the rules will help you get into the spirit of the game and enjoy your wins more.

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