How to play slots and win


Slot machines, both in online casinos and traditional casinos, are the maximum entertainment for casino players, especially when they win. This article contains a few tips that can be very useful if we want to make the most out of every cent we spend in slot machines and increase our chances of winning.

We should look for a generous slot machine, because some slots are more generous than others. A generous machine tends to pay more often than a stingy one. This has nothing to do with a mere superstition: machines are programmed to pay different percentages of what they receive. If we play in a traditional casino we can only guess which slots are more generous, but online slot machines return 95 percent of the money they receive.

We should make the most of comps and bonuses. The comps in traditional slot machines and welcome bonuses and loyalty bonuses of online slots are free money variants that can reduce the advantage of the house. We should pay attention to find out about any bonus online the casino has and use it.

If we play traditional slots, we should ask for the slots card and use it whenever we play in a slot machine to accumulate points. We can later exchange these points for special prizes and even for credits to play slot machines.

We should bet the maximum in progressive slot machines. Currently, most slot machines accept several coins at the same time. When we insert the maximum number of coins allowed we have the chance to win more and we qualify to win the jackpot or progressive jackpot in those slot machines that have them.