Baccarat Strategy

If you play Online Baccarat remember that the player hand is always played out first, giving the banker hand a slight edge over the player hand. Because of this the banker hands win approximately 50.6% of the time and player's hand approximately 49.4% of the time, when tie bets are excluded.

But, before you decide to place your bet only at the banker hand, you must remember this: all winning bets on the banker are taxed at the rate of 5%.

The most important thing on baccarat is: don't make any mistake, because you give to the house a greater edge. Baccarat is very easy to play, because there are no difficult rules to learn or complicated strategies to follow. The most useful and simplest Strategy is to stick with banker and player bets and avoid tie bets.

Some baccarat players believe that tracking the outcome of previous hands helps them predict which hand will win next, but it's doesn't real, so a trend is not useful information. So, selecting the winner of each successive hand is a guess. But it's a fun and profitable guess. and that's what Online Gambling is all about.

Please, don't forget:

a) If you place your bet on the banker has an advantage and positive expectation.

b) Nobody know if a trend will continue or end on the next hand.

c) If you decide to play online baccarat you must stay in calm and control yourself.

d) Start with a low bet, and let the winnings start piling up.

e) You must enjoy the game.