Baccarat System

Baccarat has few systems. But the game accept many other mathematical betting systems.

Perhaps you have heard about the baccarat system called the 1 - 3 - 2 - 6. You can risk 2 dollars for a return of 10 with this specific baccarat system. Over the course of 4 hands you keep track of what you bet with this approach. The potencial for a larger return that's the objective of course to bet a little.

  • When you start, bet one unit. Add another only If you win, making the second bet a total of 3 units.
  • Bet six units on the table if you win the second. Remove 4, making the third bet two units.
  • Add 2 more units for a total of six on the fourth bet if the third bet wins.
  • You collect a total of twelve units, ten of pure profit if the fourth bet wins.


Using this Baccarat System if you lose the first bet, you lose 1 unit.

You’ve lost two units if you win the first bet but lose the second.

You profit 2 units if you win the second bet but lose the third bet.

You break even, if you win the first 3 bets but lose the fourth.
Also you break even, if you lose the second bet five out of 6 times, and then win 4 consecutive bets once.

If the casino game that you choose plays even-money the system work.

Don’t use this system in the long run, because the Casino always win.

Good Luck!!!