American Baccarat

At the American Baccarat only two hands are dealt: the "banker" hand and the "player" hand, regardless of the number of players at the table. The object of baccarat game is to bet on which of two hands will have a score closest to 9.

Players make bets before the hands are dealt any amount from the table minimum to the table maximum. There are three betting options:

  1. Player hand
  2. Bank hand
  3. Tie

The Game is played with 8 or 6 complete decks of cards. The dealer shuffled the cards, and then placed in a special box called the "shoe."

The players passing the shoe counterclockwise around the table to rotates the deal, and each "Player" can be the "Banker". As long as the “banker” hand keeps winning the same person will keep dealing.

The banker-hand will be represented for the player with the shoe, although the player takes no additional risk and the casino remains the banker. Even though the player dealing is acting as the Banker, he is not obligated to bet on the Banker’s hand.

4 cards are dealt face-down by the house dealer, 2 to the player-hand and 2 to the banker-hand. The player who wagers the largest amount on "player" gets first look at the player-hand.

Natural: If either hand has a total of 8 or 9 (the highest), and the casino dealer stops the cards dealt. But if it is not a natural, depending on the value of each hand the dealer may instruct the card dealer to draw a third card.

To play Baccarat just do a bet. Once a bet has been placed, there are no opportunities for further decisions - both the banker hand and the player hand are dealt according to Baccarat Drawing Rules.

Fixed rules results of the Baccarat's in final hands of either two or three cards for each. The casino dealer keeps track of the gambler-hand and the banker-hand totals and says which is the winning hand.

The hand that holds 2 or 3 cards totaling closest to nine will be the winning hand. Bets on the banker or player are returned, if there is a tie.